Facebook: For Business or Enjoyment?

Many people have become aware of Google AdWords; a service that enables individuals to promote their internet sites and also products next to Google search results. Facebook also provides a comparable service Facebook Adverts however why should we be intrigued?

Facebook is currently reaching 600 million users internationally. Over 28 million of those customers are in the United Kingdom. Of those 28 million customers, 50% login daily! Facebook has a big target market and being able to promote to this market opens many doors. What are the advantages of advertising on Facebook compared with Google Advertising or even LinkedIn Advertising?

There are several essential features of Facebook Adverts that defeat any kind of various other type of online advertising:

Targeted Demographics

Facebook allows Ads to be targeted at details teams of Facebook individuals, to such a degree it’s nearly scary. You could as an example develop a Facebook advert that targets Facebook customers based on sex, age, marital status, place and passions. These are a selection of some of the main targeting demographics BUT there are extra.

Low Cost Per Click

At the minute, the ordinary expense per click (CPC) for Facebook Ads are reduced and when contrasted with the expenses of Google AdWords, they are commonly more affordable by as much as a 3rd. Some of this is to low competitors as there are simply not as numerous businesses making use of Facebook Ads however likewise due to the fact that Facebook are pricing ads competitively.

Longer Advertisement Copy

Text is not constantly a fantastic eye catcher, yet with Facebook Ads you can consist of even more message copy than Google AdWords. Google limit the number of message characters to 70 whereas Facebook supplies 135 characters. You need to watch out for your use of spelling and also capitalisation of words though as both Google and Facebook have strict policies.

Facebook Ads can utilize Images

One of the most fundamental visual difference in between a Facebook Ad and also a Google Advertisement, is the capability to use images. In Facebook Ads, you are permitted to upload a picture of 110px by 80px (if it doesn’t fit these measurements, the photo is scaled). It assists to make that text heavy advert a whole lot even more eye catching as well as boost the click with rates.

Social Exposure

A component that does not exist within Google AdWords and also the major benefit of Facebook Ads, is the social direct exposure. When a Facebook user likes the web page, the alert consequently turns up in their feed and also is shown to their friends, this is typically described as ‘social perceptions’.

Driving Traffic to Social Media Pages

If the Facebook Advertisement is targeted to a business Facebook web page or team page, it can link users and also motivate communication within groups, which exceeds and also beyond the standard marketing approaches.


This was a short summary of why you should be interested and potentially check out Facebook adverts over various other types of online marketing. It is safe to say that Facebook’s advertising platform is the solitary best resource of bring in new fans/business calls and ideally, future clients.

Mark is internet designer at SOZO that is a self confessed social media sites addict! Mark is entirely passionate concerning the countless opportunities of the Internet as well as enjoys operating in the thick of such an exciting industry.

Facebook enables Ads to be targeted at certain teams of Facebook customers, to such a degree it’s practically terrifying. You can for example develop a Facebook advert that targets Facebook individuals based on gender, age, marital standing, location and also rate of interests. Text is not constantly a wonderful eye catcher, yet with Facebook Ads you can consist of more message copy than Google AdWords. The most fundamental aesthetic difference between a Facebook Advertisement and a Google Ad, is the capability to use photos. In Facebook Ads, you are permitted to submit a picture of 110px by 80px (if it does not fit these measurements, the picture is scaled).
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